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IRENIC is a sensory device to help adults affected by neurodevelopmental or neurodegenerative conditions, it is to help soothe feelings of disorientation and the anxiety associated with it.

The project is currently in development and we are working closely with the NHS East Kent Hospitals Trust Therapies department and the Phoenix Project (a service for adults with learning disabilities tailored to individual needs). The goal is to have a simplified version of the product in user trials when the pandemic eases.

My role in the project is the Industrial Design, Artwork, DFM, Semiotics and the UX/UI interface. I also made the connections and facilitated meetings with our key stakeholders and ensured a person-centric user based design methodology.

Through the project I have worked closely with Sean - an electronics engineer - to ensure the capacitive touch network, addressable spherical RGB LED network, screen and audio playback is safe and approachable. I have also been able to use my background experience in loudspeaker R&D to work with Sean in the selection of optimal driver, passive radiator, amplifier and DSP.

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