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FreeWheels is a conceptual project based around human-centred deign, it is the result of a deep study into autonomy in the elderly community. The research led to a focus on food acquisition and the variety of barriers it presents to individuals with various levels of mobility. The insights came from multiple case studies, surveys and consultations with local medical professionals in Orthotics, Nutrition and palliative care.


Throughout the project our team worked closely with the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation to look to potentially  implementing the idea in the new Garden City. 

My role in the project was as a Product Designer, focusing in on the functionality, ease-of-use and anthropometric considerations. I also generated the sketches to highlight key parts of the user journey.

The other members of the team where Maximilian Medhurst (mechanical engineer) and Jasper Xuezhe Jia (Marketing strategy & Financial viability).

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