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At age 13, designer Diggory Rush was already well into his dad’s toolbox, making everything from musical instruments, to soundsytems. An award-winning designer, Diggory’s restrained, fluid style is particularly inspired by contemporary Japanese design. His work blends modern manufacturing techniques with craft methodology. He is also a passionate print published photographer.

As a teenager in his spare time and school holidays he helped to repair fine furniture and built musical instruments. A few years later he developed his skillset further in the Luthiery business. At fifteen, he began working in London's famous 'Tin Pan Alley' in Soho, under master Luthier Jack Toker. Studying under Jack helped him to redefine his skill-set, He then moved back to his home city, Canterbury, and started a small business building and repairing instruments.


Although no longer making musical instruments, the skills and knowledge he gained now feed into his current practice.  

His design ethos is a simple one, he makes restrained, innovative products with simplicity, elegance and functionality at the heart of the design. 

His work is inspired by master craftsman, designers and engineers such as: George Nakashima, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, David Linley, John Makepeace, Flaminio Bertoni and Michihiro Matsuda.

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