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Tri-Horn (in development)

The Tri-Horn is a three way Bi-amped horn-loaded loudspeaker. Operating between 80hz-20khz with a minimum sensitivity 103.2db 1w/m. It is designed for use in large indoor and outdoor environments, two per side minimum. 

The design is based off personal research in acoustic waveguide theory and deep analysis into the behaviour of transducers. All undertaken in my free time and cur- rently being prototyped.
The design is three-way horn-loaded loudspeaker with a 60x40 dispersion pat- tern above 300hz. The lower section uses two helmoltz resonator chambers and a 480mm horn path to create a short bandpass horn. It has a sensitivity average of 103.2db 1w/m (4pi). The design was created in Solidworks utilising FEA analysis, as well as hornresp to model the acoustic chambers and horn path to work around the respective drivers thiele small parameters.

I am also working collaboratively with a freelance sound engineer in Madrid to evaluate the horns performance using RTA (remotely via SMAART).

15" : 500w rms


8" : 180w rms

1" : 70w rms 

Est weight:  46.7kg


IMG_1748 2.HEIC
2pi 03 02 19.PNG
driver displacment.PNG
polar map.PNG
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